Marisa Lark Wallin

Writer, Performer, Artist, Educator, Consultant

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Marisa Lark Wallin makes multimedia performance art rooted in the contemporary urban experience: stories of anxiety, injustice, fear, bizarre beauty, and hilarious happenstance. She challenges the audience to be critical, but also to feel deeply, and laugh hard. She is a firm believer in the power of art as a tool for social change. 


She is a working stage, screen and voiceover actor.

For voiceover work, please contact Luanne Regis at TGMD Talent


The Ballad of the Mute Swan

A mute swan, a Brooklyn nanny and the family she cares for, and two child-hosts. The Ballad of the Mute Swan relates stories about self-awareness in positions of power and subjugation, and the countless unspoken roles of the domestic worker.

children's media/education writer/content creator

As an educational consultant, Marisa has worked with DK Publishing on a number of children's board books, assuring that their contents are developmentally appropriate, inclusive and accessible to diverse audiences. She has worked as an editorial assistant and writer for Scholastic Publishing's early childhood Rookie Toddler Board Books and classroom magazines, "Let's Find Out" and "My Big World." She also has consulted on and contributed to other Scholastic early childhood publications.

She authored the baby board book, Find and Point Birthday as part of Scholastic’s Rookie Toddler board book series.

Her research article about outdoor pretend play, “Let’s Play Outside!” was published in the fall 2018 issue of Childcare Exchange Magazine.

Marisa helps create and write curriculum and content for Sparkler, an interactive app that encourages parents and caregivers of young children to "unplug, connect, and play with purpose." 

Marisa is currently script coordinator/associate producer and writer for an upcoming PBS preschool children’s TV show at 100 Chickens Productions, an early childhood children's media production company in Brooklyn, NY.